The Kigali city tour offers you an authentic outlook of Kigali which hosts some of the “thousand hills” in Rwanda. You can take this tour as part of your Rwanda safaris like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, Rwanda cultural tour or Rwanda birding safari where you can add one day Kigali city tour or half day city tour. Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and the country’s vibrant commercial center with all year round moderate climate allowing you to visit any time of the year. It is one of the cleanest and safest of Africa’s cities attracting numerous visitors and investors yearly. In the recent past it has hosted several high level conferences and activities bringing a number of delegates from all over the world.

How to get around Kigali city

Kigali has a developed public transport system compared to many other African cities. There are designated bus and taxi stops from which you can take your public transport which is can be anything from 18 seater taxis, coasters and buses. You have an option of walking to some of the sights that may be in walk-able distance for you, Kigali city is a pleasant place to walk with clear walkways. Alternatively you can take ‘moto’ which is motorcycle taxi to the various locations you are interested in.

However for purposes of visiting the different attractions in a day and for this tour, you will take our tour vehicle with an experience tour guide to the different sites you are interested in visiting while on this Kigali city tour.

Things to do and see in Kigali city

kandt-house-kigaliFor this Kigali city tour we shall have all the proposed sites shared by our driver guide and you have the liberty to choose which you prefer to visit and which should be eliminated from the list. Engage with you driver guide concerning your interests while on this tour but remember all your requests must be realistic and within the city.

The Kigali city tour takes you to the major historical and cultural sites of Rwanda. You will visit Kandt house or museum of natural history where Dr. Richard Kandt the first German colonial resident of Rwanda resided. His residence at the base of Mount Jali and Mount Kigali in the heart of the city is now the Natural History Museum in honor of his work, and is one of the stops on the tour. This can take about 1 hour in total depending on how you engage the museum guide about what you are learning about Kigali and Rwanda in general.

Genocide-memorial-in-kigaliWe proceed with the guided tour to the fast growing neighborhoods of Kigali that are changing the face of the city. There is opportunity to visit the presidential museum which is the residence of two of the former Presidents of Rwanda, here you will have an opportunity to learn a bit about the political history of Rwanda. We drive through the older commercial and residential areas with a major stop at Kigali genocide memorial site commemorating the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

We have opportunities to visit the craft centers where you are able to purchase souvenirs from your stay in Rwanda in turn supporting families of the women involved in making the items. Lunch will be at a local restaurant where you will have a taste of Rwandan traditional food. You are free to choose a cosmopolitan restaurant for a more diverse menu.